A Hammock


IDEAL gift for Christmas


Best gift for relaxation..






and UNIQUE products


Order by internet 7 days / 24 h   


UNIQUE braiding and models on sale only at the store.


For children or small person, hammocks at 5.00$ and UP




With our low prices...

Did you think about your Christmas GIFTS



Hammocks - Stands Clearance

UNIQUE universal hammock stand

High quality matérial and paint

Extensible from 13' to 15'

Powder coated paint

Hooks on ball bearings,  Chains included


Rubber legs

Capacity 500 lbs. No tools needed


#40- B Senior  Only  99.95


Hammocks for baby and children

( 5.00  &  10.00 )

With a portable and foldable colours stand 

29.00  only


Hours and days open

September 2  until  the  30th

Saturday - Sunday :          .........  10 am   to   2 pm

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday:

On call with services within  less than 7 minutes

or......on appointment

450- 667- 1868 - 514- 781- 1860


Other hours or days: On appointment or on call if available.


Our store  will close the 30th of september for the season

Hurry for your Christmas GIFTS at those low prices.


After Sept. 30th you can order via the site


On appointment: 450- 667-1868



Piste cyclable ....To come to Laval..

Route #1 Verte, Royan street corner Ampère.


KIRI Hammocks (Store &  Warehouse)

(2 min. walk from Concorde MÉTRO) (2 minutes from #15, exit Concorde)

Our store is located at :
554 ave. Ampère,

Laval, H7N-5C5


Tél / Fax: (450) 667- 1868